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In World War II, aircraft were used to create unprecedented death and destruction. As the war drew to a close, Christian air force pilots from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and America, all began to have the same thought: “Why can’t aircraft now be used to bring life and hope”

From here, Mission Aviation Fellowship was born. Its vision was simple and wonderfully ambitious: to use aircraft so that isolated communities across the world would be physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name.

What started off as a dream is now a global movement, with around 140 aircraft serving 2000 churches, missions and agencies, in over 25 countries worldwide. Thousands of remote communities now have access to healthcare, education, community development, disaster relief and the good news of Jesus Christ.

A lot has happened over the 70 years since MAF was formed, but through all the social change, developments in technology and aviation, MAF’s mission remains relevant: To share God’s love through aviation and technology, so that people have access to help and hope.



We meet for a time of prayer for MAF. If you’re interested to join us, please email maf-singapore@maf.org for the location.


Kikongo Mattresses Delivery in DRC – June 2017
One of our supporting churches offered to buy some mattresses for a mission hospital in Congo as a result of a prayer letter we wrote last year highlighting the poverty we see here. Stephen Hale and I had the pleasure of delivering these mattresses to the Kikongo hospital in conjunction with Stephen’s field checkout training flights. Dr. Lay Ndombe, the only doctor in this 150 bed hospital, had benefited from an MAF flight a few weeks before as he suffered a motorcycle accident and was medevac’d to Kinshasa for surgery on his broken collarbone and shoulder. He said, “MAF saved my life, and now you have answered our prayers for new mattresses! The last mattresses this hospital received were in 2004.” We were able to stuff 10 mattresses in the first flight, and then 12 in the second. The hospital staff and patients were all very excited to see the new mattresses. We felt blessed to be a part of this gesture of love and compassion. What an honor to serve in this way. 



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